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Use cases

Real case studies on different micro GC applications 


Biogas and Biomethane activities are growing. There is a need to analyze methane content, Hydrogen content, sulfur components and Gross Calorific Value. APIX can do these measurements in a simple way with our multi modules device

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Apix-Applications-Biomethane analysis

Oil exploration

The capability of knowing the contents of fractions in oil exploration, with no delay, is a game changer. Having a field GC will bring substantial savings for petrochemical companies

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Apix-Applications-C8 to C24 analysis

Quality control in refinery

Direct response with in situ measurement on refinery applications. No more wasted time and money by waiting for the results to come back from the lab !

Public health &
environmental management

Having direct analysis of air quality is mandatory. Our products can be put next to hazardous area for online monitoring and direct responses

Dangerous gases

On a complex gas matrix, separation and quantification are keys. Our products offer fast, accurate and reliable response for more safety control of ambient air

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